Citizenship bill - the reality[*INDIA]

Imagine, for a moment, you're in an ocean, travelling in a boat. You're travelling in a boat, alright? Suddenly, you hear a scream When you turn around to look, you see two people in the ocean They're swimming and signal towards you to help You turn your boat towards them They scream and tell you to save them as their boat had capsized Take us back to our homes! You turn around and look at your boat and wonder if there is space to save both of them And you realize that there is enough space for at least 5 people, so it would be easy to save both of them So what will you do? Obviously, you are going to save them both.

It makes no sense to not save them But if I tell you that one out of the two people is a Hindu and the other is a Muslim Would you still save them both? I feel like majority of you would say that you would obviously still save them both When there is space to save them both, why look at faith? Two people are dying, (they're) drowning. And the matter is about rescuing them. So you'd take both of them in But what if I tell you You, who's rowing the boat, decides to save only the Hindu person because you yourself are a Hindu And leave the Muslim stranded You tell the Muslim to wait Actually, the ocean is very vast There'd be atleast 50-60 boats like these in the ocean that are being rowed by a Muslim So, they'd come and save you. I will not save you. He is going to look at you and ask you the logic behind this Save me when you have the opportunity.

How long should I wait for and whom should I wait for? Is faith really a matter to be considered here? The metaphor that I just told you summarizes the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 which was recently passed in the Lok Sabha This bill states that if any person is from the Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain or Parsi or Christian community, who has come from Afghanistan, Pakistan or Bangladesh on or before December 31st, 2014 and is resident in India today They would no longer remain illegal immigrants, they would now be granted citizenship In order to justify this, Amit Shah says that this bill basically protects the persecuted minorities of these countries Because all these faiths mentioned in the bill these are basically the faiths that are attacked a lot, and are discriminated against in these three countries- Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh Therefore, we are providing them an escape route through this bill We are inviting them to India and providing them security and a better future It might seem logical to hear, in a sense, because There have been cases in Bangladesh where Hindus or other minorities have been attacked But this argument quickly loses merit when you see that there are many more persecuted minorities in these three countries which need help, which are facing discrimination and which are not mentioned in this bill for example, Ahmedis and Shias in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh They are generally referred to as Muslims,so to speak, but the other Muslims in Pakistan don't consider these sects and communities as Muslims So they have to face a lot of discrimination Atheists also have to face a lot of discrimination in Islamic countries There are attacks and hate crimes against them But there are no provisions for these persecuted minorities in this bill So this bill is selectively protecting some minorities and communities and it is ignoring some In order to counter this, a lot of people say that there are more than 50 Islamic countries in this world If the Shias and Ahmedis are facing any discrimination, so they should go to one of these more than 50 Islamic countries- that's not our problem Because since they are Muslim and if there is a discrimination amongst them, then there a lot of Islamic countries to invite them But this logic is the same as the boat logic that I gave you that two people are drowning in the ocean but you leave the Muslim stranded saying that there are other boats out there, they might come to save you We don't want to meddle in this.

We just want to save our Hindu (companion) and leave There are a lot of problems in this logic First: What about the atheists? The ones who do not comply with any faith, where would they go? Secondly, if we start discriminating amongst people taking religion into consideration then India cannot be called a secular country And if this happens, then the international reputation of India is going to fall and get ruined India's international reputation is going to fall down to the level of Pakistan that is, the country that defines itself on the basis of religion Look, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Now some people here would say that we want such a state! We want India to become a Hindu Rashtra All I would like to say to such people, is have you looked at the condition of these countries? All the countries across the world that define themselves on the basis of religion that,for them, religion is at the top in the Constitution What is the condition of such countries? They are the lowest ranked countries in terms of development Look at all the top most developed countries across the world (for example) the European countries, USA, Japan, Australia, Singapore- all of these countries are secular And then look at the lowest ranked countries of the world- where a lot of fights ensue (they are ) the most under developed countries There are faith related fights for sure there See for yourself, if you want to make a nation on the tenets of a religion, then our country too, would stoop to those levels and become like them but if you want your country to scale heights, then we need to remain secular And it is not me saying this, this was known to our freedom fighters too.

Look at all the real freedom fighters of our country Subash Chandra Bose, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Baba Saheb Ambedkar, Mahatma Gandhi- not even one of them wanted India to become a Hindu Rashtra All of them were secular They wanted to give equal treatment to the Hindus and the Muslims On the other hand, who were the people who wanted a partition of the country into a Muslim Pakistan and a Hindu India? On one hand there was the Muslim League which included Jinnah and on the other hand was the Hindu Mahasabha that wanted a Hindu Rashtra, which included people like Godse and Savarkar So if you support the Citizenship Amendment Bill, then you are basically supporting the two nation theory which was suggested by Jinnah that Hindus and Muslims cannot live together and they need to be given a separate state The two nation theory that was rejected by almost every Indian freedom fighter They did not accept it as a theory and believed that they could indeed live together and prove it On the other hand, there are protests on a massive scale in Assam, Tripura and other north eastern states against this bill Protesters claim that this bill basically encourages illegal immigration It promotes illegal immigration Because if you start distributing citizenship like this today, Then tomorrow, people would cross borders and come in larger numbers They'd see that they are being granted citizenship for free, let us also take it What this would basically do is put more stress on the country's resources especially the north eastern states that have already been under so much stress historically When Bangladesh got independent, there was a huge influx of refugees into these north eastern states and it had been extremely difficult to accommodate them because when people come in, in such huge numbers then it is very difficult to look after them Especially when the country is unable to look after its own citizens properly The poverty and unemployment of its own citizens in this country has been rising People do not have jobs and the economy has crashed What are we going to do by calling them here? You come! You come too! Let us all fry fritters together! What else is left to do? In wake of the rising protests in Assam and the rest of the north eastern states, the government has shut down the internet in a slot of places Curfew has been imposed News has been trickling in that a lot of the army is being moved from Kashmir to Assam in order to control the people Such "good" days are being witnesses- people's voices are being stifled and the Indian Army, which should be used to protect us against foreign intruders and terrorists, The Indian Army is being used against its own citizens in different places Furthermore, this bill is a huge threat to our national security Our intelligence agency, RAW had expressed the same concerns Since illegal immigration would become easier due to this bill, anyone could just request for citizenship by producing an affidavit, declaring he is a Hindu and he would be granted citizenship very easily What this would do is enable infiltrators and terrorists to get inside the country very easily by pretending to be Hindu and this could pose a huge threat to the country Not only is this bill against the founding principles of our country, it is also a threat for the north eastern states and it could also become a huge threat for the national security So now you'd ask why is the government so determined to bring in this bill when it is so terrible? Whatever superficial reasons they have provided to bring in the bill I have already countered all of them in this blogpost What could be the real reason behind this? Now I would like to tell you what, in my opinion, is the real reason behind bringing in this bill Listen carefully, this is my opinion Some people get irked upon hearing my opinions So I'd like to tell them that they can close the blogpost here- they may leave But now I am going to tell you what my opinion is In my opinion, the real reason behind this bill is that the BJP wants to hit multiple targets with a single arrow Their first target is to distract the people from the real issues by bringing in this bill for example, economy, GDP growth rate, unemployment A distraction needs to be created to prevent the attention of people from being attracted to these issues All the Hindu Muslim issues had been closed when the Supreme court had pronounced the verdict on the Ram Mandir We could have put a "the end" to the Hindu Muslim issues But the BJP thought that if this happens, then the people's attention would move to these real issues We need to raise another Hindu- Muslim issue in order to distract the people So let us table a bill in which we'd intentionally put in Hindu Muslim and differentiate amongst them We are going to play divide and rule so that the people get flared up, start debating the people start fighting and the people get distracted Instead of mentioning the faiths one by one, it could have easily said "persecuted minorities" in this bill With that one minor change, half of the country would not have had a problem with this bill But they did not do that.

They deliberately, intentionally, mentioned the names of the faiths so that a divide is created amongst people Their second target is communalizing the people- divide the Hindus and Muslims You do remember the divide and rule policy, right? It has been ongoing since the time of the British If you pit the people against one another over something, then you can easily rule over them The third target is that BJP is trying to create a vote bank of refugees and illegal immigrants by providing them with citizenship, they'd be granted a voter id card and then they'd tell them look we granted you all of this including citizenship , now vote for us More people would cross borders, all of them would be granted citizenship all of them would vote for the BJP- because they're getting more opportunities to cross the border and getting citizenship Actually, at one time, the BJP used to accuse Mamta Bannerjee for the same reason That Mamta Bannerjee calls in the Bangladeshis, distributes voter id cards to them so that they vote for her party and today the BJP is doing the same thing that the Mamta Bannerjee was accused of The fourth target is by combining the nationwide NRC with the citizenship bill they want to create such a dangerous weapon with which they can give citizenship to whomsoever they want and deny it to whomsoever they want They want to divide and rule on such a huge scale In my opinion, you can call it partition 2.0 They are trying to partition the country again So that in order to cover up their mistakes and put the blame on someone else

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