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3 Javascript free courses that will make you legendary web development in 2020 !!


Hello, there beautiful charming face on the internet !! don't worry I cannot see your face but I can tell your present state... struggling in javascript?? [:( ]  right?!!

Don't worry I am here with the best 7 free courses of javascript which would make you a legendary god of javascript

There is a bonus at the end of artical

If you are wondering why only 3?!! Then let me tell you quality matters more than quantity! :)

so let's start with a list of free javascript courses and let me remind your common goal of these courses are to learn javascript step by step.

Ya! I forget to mention I have included some memes in the list of free javascript courses to make your reading experience better

Javascript essentials by Lawrence Turton

Lawrence is a very professional full-stack web developer and graphics designer and he has experience of 12+ years in this field!

About course

This is free javascript courses for beginners and is designed very neatly you will learn all basic concepts of javascript from arrays to event handlers. You will understand javascript in its purest form and Lawrence has also included some hidden quirks of javascript in this course

Link to course - Javascript essentials

Javascript course by Rafeh Qazi

Rafeh Qazi also known as a clever programmer on social media is one of the best mentors in the world of programming. He has launched his free javascript course on youtube in late 2019 but the good news is it's still valid in 2020!

About course 

This javascript course is very beginner-friendly and covers lots of aspects that are needed to become a successful JS programmer. Rafeh has taught from basics of javascript to building a game in javascript, he explained DOM(Document Object Model) very beginner-friendly (most newbies face problems with DOM) 
This course is not divided into parts instead, it is a one-shot video of 8 hours and the best part about it is it's available on youtube which means anyone can access it without any registration.

just a javascript meme

Javascript course by free code camp [God course!!]

well if you are learning web development and you don't know then my friend you are literally a noob !! Ok just kidding you are no noob ;) 
Free code camp youtube channel is a video bible for programmers/coders. They have covered almost each and every programming language tutorial on their youtube channel. 

About course 

when I say this course is GOD I really mean it!! This free javascript course covers all basic to supper advanced concepts in the web development industry and the best part about it is it's absolutely free and available on youtube. This free course has 26 videos and to complete this course you will need to invest 50+ hours. But the day you complete this course you will be a master of javascript.

note - This course is in form of a playlist and has 26 videos

just another javascript meme

Hitesh Choudhary free javascript course

Hitesh Choudhary is an Indian full-stack developer who was once a network pentester he has one wonderful javascript course on youtube

About course 

Hitesh has covered all basic concepts of javascript and covered until advanced level but the course is like a summary of javascript but is very advanced.

Bonus course!!

Everyone loves a bonus and who hates bonus??
Here is a bonus course by Super coders this almost a new youtube channel but provides value equal to a professional channel!
Super Coders have covered almost every technology courses from Django to Basic PHP and best part about it is these all courses are absolutely free !!

link to javascript course- Javascript course by Super Coder


So, here is the end of the article, and yes if I find better courses I will surely update this list and the main point of mentioning these only 3 free javascript courses is you really do not need more !! If you complete the God javascript course then you don't need to ever worry about javascript courses!


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